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(effective date: June 21, 2010)

The present document (“Agreement”) is an agreement between MirannaLinked, a translation service company owned by Anna Baboyedova, registered in France under SIREN N° 523 530 707 (“MirannaLinked”) and you (“Client”)___________________________________________________

your address_____________________________________________________________________

your phone number and email address________________________________________________,

and who shall collectively be known as Parties.

Acceptance of the Agreement
MirannaLinked provides translation, marketing copywriting and business communication services ("Service"), subject of this Agreement, the description and content of which may be modified by MirannaLinked from time to time. Client’s use of this website, Client’s request of Service and its execution by MirannaLinked signify Client’s complete acceptance of this Agreement.

Agreement Terms. Every Service request by Client is followed by a project estimate (“Estimate”) generated by MirannaLinked, free of charge, to Client based on the documents submitted by Client for the Service (“Project Documents”). The Estimate will be submitted by MirannaLinked to Client via mail, fax or email and shall include:

Number of pages or words submitted for the Service

The Service language or language pair

The Service fee

The Service delivery date

The Service method of delivery

To confirm the request of Service to MirannaLinked, Client must sign both the Estimate and this Agreement completed with name, address, phone number and email address and return both with no modification to MirannaLinked by 1) mail to 3 Rue Claudia 06000 Nice France or by 2) fax to +33 4 89 24 34 62 or by 3) email to For the purpose of proving the existence and originality of the Estimate, Client hereby agrees to consider all three aforementioned methods of delivery equally valid.

The execution of the Service shall begin on the date when MirannaLinked receives both the Estimate and the Agreement signed by Client. The delivery date of the Service (“Delivery Date”) listed on the Estimate shall be valid only on the date the Estimate was issued or otherwise subject to modification and further discussion with Client. Unless otherwise specified by Client, MirannaLinked shall provide all written or translated documents (“Translated Documents) via electronic delivery (email) in the Word .doc file format. MirannaLinked remains the sole owner of the Translated Documents until the Service fee is received in full by MirannaLinked.

Agreement Payment Terms. Client agrees to compensate MirannaLinked for the rendered Service within and no later than 30 days from the Delivery Date. MirannaLinked reserves the right to request an advance payment, the precise amount of which shall be indicated on the Estimate. Client shall make a payment via one of the following methods:


Wire transfer

Client agrees to pay interest on any late payment at a 10% interest rate on a monthly basis. Late payment interest fee goes in effect 30 days after the Delivery Date, until the full due amount, including late payment fees, is received by MirannaLinked. In case of late payment, all outstanding invoices are to be paid. MirannaLinked reserves the right to interrupt the execution of Service until all outstanding invoices are paid in full. Should MirannaLinked need to engage the services of a law firm, solicitor or debt collection agency to collect the due payment and the late payment interest fees, Client agrees to pay MirannaLinked all related fees when due, plus an additional administrative fee of Five Hundred Euros (500€) to compensate MirannaLinked for such services.

Cancellation or Withdrawal by Client. If Client cancels the Service request or withdraws any portion of the Project Documents prior to the Delivery Date, then, in consideration of MirannaLinked’s schedule of Service execution, Client shall pay MirannaLinked 100% (hundred percent) of the Service already completed and 50% (fifty percent) of the Service remaining to complete.

Client review and corrections. Upon receipt of the Translated Documents from MirannaLinked, Client shall review it and notify MirannaLinked of any requested corrections or changes within 15 business days from the Delivery Date. MirannaLinked shall correct, at no cost to Client, any errors that might have been made. In the event of any changes, corrections or modifications made by Client to the original Project Documents after the Delivery Date, they shall be considered as a new Service request and are subject to a new Estimate or additional Service fees.

Modifications by Others. MirannaLinked shall have no responsibility whatsoever as to any changes or/and modifications to the Translated Documents made by persons other than MirannaLinked.

Ownership. The source and target language materials do not become the property of MirannaLinked, but MirannaLinked has the right to retain file copies of the materials upon completion of the Service.

Confidentiality. All knowledge and information acquired during the term of this Agreement with respect to the business and products of Client will be treated by MirannaLinked as confidential.

Indemnification. Client hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless MirannaLinked, its owner and its assigned agents, from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees, expert fees and costs that may arise out of any incident to the translated texts, services, source materials, this agreement, the website, infringement of copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property, or proprietary rights of any nature whatsoever and not caused by the gross negligence and willful misconduct of MirannaLinked. Client further acknowledges, agrees and waives any claims of any damages suffered by Client, or for any claim against Client made by a third party.

Termination. MirannaLinked reserves the right to cancel this Agreement at any time with a written notice to Client (“Cancellation Notice”) and a refund of any advanced payment after deducting for the Service already completed.

General. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of France. By signing below, Client hereby certifies and confirms his consent with the terms of this Agreement, as outlined above. Any changes in this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both Parties. This Agreement replaces and supersedes any prior verbal or written understandings, communications, and representations between Parties. MirannaLinked reserves the right to modify the Estimate and the Agreement should an unforeseen need to do so arises at any time during the execution of the Service.

_________________________________________________                               _______

Client Name (IN PRINT & SIGNATURE)Date

_________________________________________________                               ______


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